perfect cover

Ok, guys as some of you know I love music and it´s a big part of my life. So well, I believe they are GREAT songs but unfortunately given to the wrong singers. For instance, Miley Cyrus song Wrecking Ball in my opinion it´s such a beautiful song.But, on her voice I´m not able to enjoy it. But I knew someone would do an awesome cover. So, I been for days searching for that perfect cover and FINALLY my best friend sent me this link and OMG I loooooveee it.

Another example is the Justin Bieber song. Believe me I don’t like him even though I recognize he worked a lot to be who he is . But, maybe if I was 15 I would love him buy oh well… I found this cover of a beautiful girl call Savannah and OMG she is AMAZING… If you have time you should listen to her YouTube channel and her great covers.

So remember, in some cases it´s not about money and popularity it´s about showing your passion and been better ;)

PS: Thanks pirania 

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