The best part of being single

So here I am on my favorite outfit - my pj’s and it’s almost 2:00 a.m. and I’m reading some of my old blogs and OMG… My time in Paris was amazing … So while I read all these blogs, I realized that no matter where I live, who I date or how much I like a guy… I’m still in the same status … yes the “single” one ;) … funny as this may sound I’m always single but I’m always dating ;)

Today someone told me … "Massiel you are single because you want to be single… I know plenty of guys who would die to be your boyfriend"… I said  ‘’really ‘’? But when I think about it … If I get in a relationship what will I write about? Will I become this romantic girl that will keep you posted about how beautiful life is when you are in love and posting all those status of love… what if I become like Charlotte … yes the girl of Sex and the City when I would rather be more like Carrie ;)
So wait a minute… today is the day when I’ve been officially 3 years single…. And you want to know something… These have been the best years of my life… I have change in so many ways and probably before I was a mix between Miranda and Charlotte while today I feel like I’m been Carried away ;)
The best part of being single is that stage when you get to know who you really are…. When you are able to put yourself first and do whatever makes you happy. It’s the best moment to make all your selfish dreams come true, to be able to move from city to city just with 1 luggage and not caring a broken heart … to be able to live by yourself and decorate your apartment the way you always wanted it and I’m happy to say I have done it all :)
I know that maybe you are in a relationship and wondering if I’m just trying to fool myself by saying that been single is better than being in a relationship… I’m not saying that … But I believe that while you are single you have to learn to enjoy this precious time… Been single for some women is a decision… while for others is just a fact… In both cases my advice is to learn how to have fun and never close the doors to meet new people… remember the better we know who we really are the easiest is to know with whom you are compatible with ;)
So Tip No. 1 if you’ve just become single and you feel likes is the end of the world… look at the positive side… maybe this is your opportunity to get to know yourself better… to even set new goals and dreams… Tip No 2. If you are like me that has been single for a long period of time… don’t feel bad when friends are always trying to get you on a date with someone from their phone or facebook list or even worst when they suggest to do some internet dating … Go on dates when you really like the guy and when you are ready to start dating Tip. No. 3 Remember that dating sometimes can be the hardest part of been single… because you get to know a lot of people that in most of the cases can really disappoint you or they are really afraid to date… but well dating is like food… If we don’t try it we will never know how it’s tasted ;)
So girl no matter how long you have been single… the number 1. Rule… No matter where you are… you always have to remember this: The GUY is the one chasing and we are the one choosing… so open your eyes, close your heart and follow your instinct ;)
Best of luck and remember we are both in the same boat so whenever you want to tell me your story, your good or bad date… feel free to contact me… I would love to know your story ;)
PS: Hope you get the “picture” of my life as a single girl ;)
My trip with my good friends… we had so much fun! Rome, ItalyParis 2010 Cascais, Portugal
 A girl always needs a trip just with guys :)  Marseilles, France
 Porto, Portugal
In the lovely city of Madrid
I met these two french girls in Cascais, Portugal. Happy to say we are friends since then :) 
 This was a white Christmas  in Germany. I’m with my amazing Australian friends.
 This trip was so crazy. I was running around New York City trying to get my birth certificate in less than 3 day and then be able to extend my visa in France.  So happy I was able to get it :)
 My friends of the MBA, INSEEC, Paris
 I will never forget this day :) I loved the 12km walk . La tigra, Honduras
 Doing the things I love… Traveling and taking pictures. Belgium
I love this place so cute and romantic. Bruges, Belgium
I had the opportunity to spend some time with one of my good friends in Athens, Greece

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