My first Post Ever

Hello everyone, as all of you know today is 1.1.11,  a day that starts with a smile a hangover and with new resolutions. By the way my name is Massiel Kurwahn and currently living in the beautiful city of Paris, a city that is filled with magic, charm and assholes.  Going back to the New Year resolutions I have to be pretty honest with you people, creating a blog was not one of them, but do to certain events I decided why not?
I’m 25, dating this gorgeous and sweet French guy, taking my master surrounded by so many cool friends, just started a descent job and just thinking life in Paris is amazing so 2011 bring it.

After a great night out with friends, celebrating New Years, my friend and I came back to my place (a little bit tipsy) just thinking that 2011 is going to be such a perfect year. I woke up with a huge headache and as usual texted my boyfriend… sending a little Hello ;) . Meanwhile talking with my friend I realize I was been really weird with my boyfriend because I’m really scared of commitment and love. I was thinking should I give him a little of my love and consideration by putting in facebook that I’m in a relationship but naaaaaaaahhhhhh that’s not me, so instead I texted him …            I miss you, I haven’t seen you since last year ;) and BANG 20 minutes later I get a sms saying :
“Hola Massiel, I’d like to stop our relationship cause I don’t want to get attached more and stop in 2 months, I think it’s better this way :( 
YES people he did it by an SMS … on January FIRST of 2011 … So as you can imagine my year started a little different, I must say that I was not in love, I just recently started dating him but still this in not the right way to get dumped.
Anyways I consider myself a very optimistic person so the first thing I thought was, probably a Chinese girl just got dumped by a sms in China, so whatever I’m not the only one in this boat… My friend was next to me and ask me what happened, I said I just got dumped, she is like what ? are you kidding me ?  so I  showed her the sms , she got very shocked and said to me OMG Massiel you should have a Blog… your life is really crazy and weird …
So voila here I am a 25 year old girl,  yet again single in Paris, with a brand new resolution and excited for tonight’s plan, guess a single ladies night, going out clubbing to one of the best places in Paris and just open to new adventures.
So I let you know how tonight goes and hoping my day ends better than the way it started ;)
A bientôt
PS: The reply to my Ex- boyfriend was PERFECT

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